Suzy Suttle Willis

Wellness Coach & Life Coach (ILCT), Personal Trainer (American Council of Exercise), National Wellness Institute (NWI)-Member, Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)-Member,

Mission 22-Ambassador, Air Force Veteran.

Not long ago, I too asked, “What is a Health and Wellness Coach?” Before I found out about this type of coaching, I was not happy with some of my lifestyle choices and knew I needed to make some changes. But how? I didn’t need a therapist, I just needed to get my mind and body back on track. I’ve always been physically active, from being a springboard diver in high school, a personal trainer and kickboxing instructor, to joining the Air Force where they LOVE to make you run...a lot!

So, I did the research and found the answers I was looking for through Life Coaching. I couldn’t find a local Health and Wellness Coach, so I decided to become one and along the way I ended up helping myself get back on track. Now, I want to help others to dramatically improve their outlook on their overall health, lifestyle, and environment, while unlocking their true potential. Life is too short to not be happy and living our best! 

Contact me today to book a complimentary "Intro to Health & Wellness Coaching" session, and let's get you on track to becoming Healthy Built!

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